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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Following Ability Maine Expose, UCP of ME Closes Facility

Isn't it amazing what air and sunshine can do? Especially when a light is shined on shady dealings and the truth is aired about vulnerable people being exposed to toxic chemicals?

On March 8, 2012, Mike Reynolds published Of Landfills and Cerebral Palsy on Ability Maine's website. The expose revealed that United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Maine was running a residential facility, Fort James House, next to a landfill. This arrangement exposed residents to high levels of toxic chemicals. The article also revealed that some members on the UPC board of directors had conflicts of interest with regard to the landfill.

Now, Mike's follow-up article, UCP of Maine Closes Dangerous Facility reveals some surprising results. Without even a whisper to the press, both UCP members of the board about whom Mike wrote in his previous post have stepped down, and Fort James House has closed! Although UCP of Maine has not publicly commented on the reasons for these changes in leadership or facilities, it seems unlikely it's coincidence that this came about less than within two months of the Ability Maine expose. Way to go, Mike!

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Remembering Alice Conway, ME and MA Disability Rights Activist

Now up on the Ability Maine website, Mike Reynolds's tribute to Alice Conway. Reading Remembering Alice Conway made me wish I had known this powerhouse of a disability rights activist. Splitting her time between Maine and Massachusetts, Conway successfully battled for disability access on airplanes, in education, and against euthanasia. Alice was a good friend and an advocate who will be sorely missed.

If you have memories of Alice or words of condolence for those who loved her, please share them in the comments. Thank you.