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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Webinar on Reducing Inequities in Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Action is offering a free webinar on Wednesday, August 29 and Thursday, August 10, on inequities in breast cancer care.
Our focus will be how race-related barriers like language, culture, discrimination and a history of mistrust of the medical system radically inform healthcare experiences and serve as a contributor to breast cancer inequities.
More information on the webinars, including registration information, is available here.

BCAction is a grassroots, feminist organization devoted to ending the breast cancer epidemic. It has a strict corporate funding policy that allows it to be independent of corporate interests that help support the breast cancer epidemic. For example, BCAction advocates against "pinkwashing" and against carcinogens and chemicals in commonly used personal care and household products. It believes breast cancer is a social justice issue, as well as a health issue. Find out more about BCAction's missions and values here.

Follow BCAction on Twitter at @BCAction and on on their Facebook page.

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