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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Does Mitt Romney Have a Disability Policy?

Up now at Ability Maine, an essay by Michael Reynolds: "Does Mitt Romney Have a Disability Policy?"

We all know now that Romney is friends with Clint Eastwood, the outspoken anti-ADA activist and creator of the pro-euthanasia movie, Million Dollar Baby. But where does Romney stand on disability issues like the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Social Security, and how does having a wife with a disability affect his perspective?

Mike tries to sort through the haze of mixed messages in his discussion of Romney and disability:
Romney does not mention people with disabilities (except for a brief reference to veterans) on his official website, although he devotes a lot of space to his plans to repeal the ACA. When he details his plans to change Medicare and Social Security, he states that his proposed plan will affect neither senior citizens who are current beneficiaries of these programs nor future beneficiaries over 55. He makes no mention of how his plan will affect younger disabled people who receive Medicare and Social Security. He also does not touch on his plans to convert Medicaid into block grants to the states, which could reduce overall Medicaid funding and have serious consequences for both PWDs and senior citizens. 

To read the complete essay, hop over to Ability Maine!

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