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Friday, May 31, 2013

Settlement to Ease Mainers' Private Disability Claims Process

Earlier this week, the Bangor Daily News reported that a settlement had been reached between Maine Superintendent of Insurance, Eric Cioppa, and three private insurance companies, along with four other states — California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
While the companies admitted no wrongdoing by entering into the negotiated settlement, they did agree to change the way they decide whether to approve claims. (Some disability attorneys have alleged that the companies deny benefits without examining a claimant’s physical condition and that the companies use unauthorized video surveillance to show that claimants should be able to go back to work.)
As part of the multistate agreement, the companies are re-evaluating certain claims; they have set aside $48 million in case the reviews show that they need to pay additional benefits. The companies have also set aside an additional $29 million for claims that are open now.
Officials in the five states believe these measures will make the insurance claim process easier for future claimants.

According to the Bangor Daily News:
Eric Cioppa says the Bureau of Insurance is willing and able to help people who feel they may have been wronged in the past. “If they know they have some rights they may not have been aware of, they can always call us,” he added.
You can reach the Bureau at 1-800-300-5000 or online at
The Maine Public broadcasting network Wednesday reported on the same story under the headline "Maine Settles with CIGNA Companies on Disability Claims." Listen to the story here.

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