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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Activist Organization Criticizes Disabled Legislator for Having "No Spine"

The May 6, Online Sentinel published a lengthy article about a liberal activist organization distributing a mailer that chastised a disabled Republican representative for having "no spine."

The Maine People's Alliance drew up a flier that pointed out the anti-Medicaid voting records of various of Maine's elected officials. Among these was Representative Dale Crafts of Lisbon, who is a wheelchair user.
The mailers were crafted to resemble drug prescriptions. They describe the Republican lawmakers’ ailments, including “no heart” for voting against expansion and “no spine” for not standing up to Gov. Paul LePage’s “bullying.”
Maine's People's Alliance has publicly and privately apologized to Rep. Crafts, who called the Alliance, "just a bunch of liberal windbags." Read the complete article here.

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