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Monday, April 22, 2013

Cover Maine Now! Supporting Health Care, Economic Vitality, and Jobs in Maine

A coalition of dozens of health, civil rights, labor, and other organizations have come together to support the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Maine. Proponents say this step will stimulate $350 million in economic activity and create 3,100 jobs in Maine, as well as providing health care coverage to up to 69,500 Mainers who are currently uninsured.

In an email to a disability group in Maine, Jennifer Lunden explained what's at stake and how Mainers can get involved:
A new coalition of concerned businesses called Cover Maine Now! has been working to bring new federal funds to Maine to provide healthcare coverage to tens of thousands of uninsured Mainers. My agency, the Center for Creative Healing, is a member of this important coalition fighting for health justice.

You can help us out by signing this new petition which will go to your state legislators. Accepting these federal funds will save lives and save money. It's a win/win! 
I am so appreciative of your help last year fighting devastating cuts to MaineCare. This is an opportunity to not only restore funding, but to increase it. Thank you for taking action!
The petition, which can be signed and sent from the Cover Maine Now! website, is short and simple. It says
Maine Legislature: Save lives and save money by covering more Mainers!  
Accepting the federal dollars that have already been set aside to cover Maine’s uninsured will benefit all Maine people and boost Maine’s economy.
  • More Mainers will have health insurance. 
  • Health care costs will go down. 
  • More lives will be saved and people will be healthier. 
  • Maine’s economy will grow.
I call on you to accept the federal funds set aside for Maine to provide health coverage to more than 69,500 Mainers and save taxpayer dollars by fully expanding MaineCare.
To learn more about this bill intended to bring more money into the state for health care and healthcare-related jobs, visit Cover Maine Now! You'll find fact sheets, media releases, and the petition mentioned above, and other information.

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