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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Web Resources for Mainers with Disabilities

Here are two websites on applying for disability that provide some of the same basic info, but with other little extras: How to File for Disability in Maine is a WikiHow that takes you step-by-step through the process of applying for Social Security disability. Filing for Disability in Maine seems to be part of a law company's site and includes some interesting and relevant statistics and dollar amounts, such as this one:
Chart with three columns, "Stage of Application/Appeal Process," "Maine Approval Rate," and "National Approval Rate." For "Initial Claim," Maine's approval rate is 29.8%, the national approval rate is 32.1%. On Reconsideration the Maine rate is 11.6%, the national rate is 11.3%. For ALJ hearing, the Maine rate is 73.2%, the national is 58.3%. The hearing wait time in Maine is 371 days and national wait time is 349 days.

Maine's CareerCenter System provides information on several topics related to disability and employment. These include a Disability Resource Library, information on Maine's Disability Employment Initiative (DEI), the Ticket to Work program, the Flexible Employment Fund, information on reasonable accommodations and access, and more. has a page on Disability Resources for Residents. Topics include accessible recreation opportunities, benefits programs, employment and education resources, state programs, behavioral health, independent living, rights and advocacy, and technology and communication.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Disability Rights Center of Maine. DRC always has a lot going on, and now is no exception. At the DRC website you can learn about Homeward Bound, Maine's "Money follows the person" demonstration project, Disability Awareness Day, self-advocacy partnerships and more.

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