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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Maine Human Rights Commission says Belfast Firefighter/Paramedic Discriminated against Due to Diabetes

Last month the Bangor Daily News reported that Robert Cobb of Randolph was discriminated against by the city of Belfast when they refuse to accommodate his request to limit the number of overnights he worked due to medical reasons:
The city of Belfast denied that Cobb had a disability, adding that a doctor determined his blood sugar spikes were largely due to his own poor food choices and didn’t warrant any work schedule modifications, according to the report from investigator Robert Beauchesne.
“Complainant was placed in the position of having to endanger his health, and ignore his doctor’s advice, if he wanted to continue working for [the city],” Beauchesne wrote in the Jan. 24 report. “Under the circumstances, it was reasonable for complainant to decide that he had no choice but to resign in order to safeguard his health. Disability discrimination is found in this case.”
Read the complete article.

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