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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Petition: Health Insurance for 69,500 Uninsured Mainers? Yes, please!

Jennifer Lunden, whom Ability Maine interviewed last year, is up to her healthcare activist ways again. She has written a petition on to try to secure health insurance for the almost 70,000 uninsured Mainers. Her letter about this is below:
Here we are at a critical time, with a second chance to bring federal funds to Maine so that low-income Mainers can benefit from the Affordable Care Act just like every other Mainer. I've started a new petition to help bring our message to Governor LePage and our legislators. Will you take a moment to sign it now? Health Insurance for 69,500 Uninsured Mainers? Yes, please!
You can also make a big difference by contacting your legislators, particularly if they are Republican. You can easily look them up here: Voter Information Lookup. Let them know why you want to bring those federal funds to Maine.
Thank you for everything you're doing to bring healthcare to all Mainers.
P.S. Please help this petition grow by emailing it to friends and posting it on Facebook.

Ability Maine encourages you to support this petition! You can start by signing it here

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